National Security Council

Proving the point of further dangers which lie ahead, on July 26, the intent to form a "National Security Council" was announced in a statement from the Prime Minister's Office. According to the statement this will be "a new forum for ministers to deliberate on and address issues of pressing concern to Canada's domestic and international security." Membership in the council and other changes to existing Cabinet committees, the statement says, will be announced "in the coming weeks."

The announcement brings Canada in line with the rest of the "Five Eyes" -- the U.S.-led network of imperialist intelligence agencies in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

The proposal to establish such a committee was made by David Johnston, the former Governor-General who Trudeau nominated as the government's special rapporteur to investigate "foreign interference" in Canadian affairs. This of course does not include U.S. interference which is no longer even considered foreign. The section of Johnston's report on "foreign interference" titled "Issues for Review in the Public Stage of my Work," prepared before he resigned the position, contains the proposal to establish this "National Security Council." The major stated purpose of such a committee is to address the revelations in testimony to Johnston that "intelligence reporting" was falling into "black holes" and not reaching senior civil servants and ministers.

No explanation is provided to explain how a "National Security Council" which would seem to be the prime example of a "black hole," will remedy the problem of "intelligence reporting" falling into "black holes." Its role will be to further deprive the people of information and having any say in the direction of foreign policy by creating yet another exclusive club with access to the "secrets of state" provided by totally unaccountable police who now seem to run the show with heads of state, the arms industry and entire governments and countries at their disposal.

It must not pass!

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Volume 53 Number 8 - August 2023

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