The Obsolete King's Commonwealth

Protests in Jamaica during the Royal family's Jubilee Tour,  in  March 2022.

The King's Commonwealth, which remains a means to perpetuate neo-colonialism, is an anachronism in the 21st Century.

The whole coronation ceremony was calculated to emphasize Charles III's historical links with the past, the ancient symbols of inheritance and power, and his divine right to rule and be who he says he is. The Royal website said "the Coronation Regalia are sacred and secular objects which symbolize the service and responsibilities of the monarch. The Regalia have played a central role in Coronation Services for hundreds of years and, in keeping with tradition," they were used at Westminster Abbey on May 6.

What it aptly illustrates is just how Charles III's idea of himself and the fiction that he is desperately trying to portray is so manifestly out of step with the requirements of the times. He inhabits a role that no longer functions in the way it was originally envisaged under Covenant Thesis. According to that thesis, the Sovereign incarnates the supreme power and stands at the apex of the system of representation where he or she or they speak on the people's behalf.

The persona Charles III is creating for himself exposes him as just another player in the factional fight within the ruling class over control of the productive forces and resources of the world for private gain. His attempt to reinvent himself and to validate his authority merely serves to distract the people and to keep them from empowering themselves. However, it also violates the very conception contained in Covenant Thesis that the Supreme Power must be seen as capable of unifying the warring factions. This is clearly not the case. His Kingship is a last ditch effort to resuscitate an outmoded and moribund arrangement, but will achieve the opposite.

The people of the United Kingdom, and his "realms and territories" are in no mood to accept this fiction because they know who these people are. The persona Charles III is giving himself, is certainly not modern and will not give the state a modern personality.

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Volume 53 Number 6 - June 2023

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