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March 7, 2014 - No. 24

All Out to Make International Women's Day a Success!

Support the Cause of Women for Their Empowerment and Emancipation!

All Out to Make International Women's Day a Success!
Support the Cause of Women for Their Empowerment and Emancipation!
Harper Government's Suspect Enthusiasm for International Women's Day
- Christine Dandenault

Our Future Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All! - Janice Murray 
Women Lead in the Fight Against the Austerity Agenda and for Rights
- Christine Nugent

All Out for March 8, International Women's Day! - Statement of IWD Edmonton

All Out to Make International Women's Day a Success!

Support the Cause of Women for
Their Empowerment and Emancipation!

International Woman's Day is an occasion for the entire humanity to reaffirm the necessity to bring about the profound changes required to create a world in which women's rights are recognized. Women's rights entail far more than just equal civil rights at a time even these are given perfunctory standing and they are not even recognized in far too many countries. Besides recognizing women's civil rights, women must be provided with everything they require to participate in all aspects of life on an equal basis. Women's rights must be provided with the economic, social, cultural and political conditions women and children and all members of society require to flourish. Their rights require constitutional guarantees together with enabling legislation and conditions, so that the equality of women becomes a reality and their emancipation becomes the true mark of a progressive society.

This world is suffering terribly from the retreat of revolution in which private monopoly interests have taken over entire governments, privatized the affairs of state, and subjected countries which exercise their sovereign rights to terrorist insurgencies, aggression and war. The U.S. superpower is colluding and contending with the European Union and the big powers which comprise it, to establish its domination over Europe and Asia, both of them using NATO to threaten the peoples everywhere. Meanwhile the U.S. also seeks to impose its dictate over Latin America and the Caribbean, all in the name of democracy and human rights. Canada has been integrated into the U.S. war machine, its economy wrecked and the rights of its working people trampled underfoot. Across Canada and all over the world, women and children bear the brunt of the anti-social offensive of the big powers.

The alternative is clear, defended by those who stand up for the sovereign right to say No! under what have become the most complex circumstances. In this battle, women stand second to none. No Means No! is their rallying cry. Only if the word No! has meaning and the conditions are established for women to exercise control over their lives, can the word Yes have meaning as well.

On the occasion of International Women's Day 2014, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) salutes the fighting women everywhere. Join them every day in the battle for democracy and the battle for rights!

All Out to Celebrate International Women's Day!
All Out to Support the Struggle of Women for Their Empowerment and Emancipation!

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Harper Government's Suspect Enthusiasm for International Women's Day

The Harper government, via the Status of Women Canada, announced that its theme for International Women's Day this year is "Strong Women, Strong Canada, Canadian Women -- Creating Jobs One Business at a Time." The Status of Women Canada website states, "This theme highlights the important role women entrepreneurs play in driving growth, creating jobs, and fostering innovation in the Canadian economy. During International Women's Week (March 2 to 8, 2014) Canadians will have the opportunity to celebrate, and reflect on the contributions of women entrepreneurs, as well as consider the challenges women face when starting and growing their own businesses."

Thus, the Canadian government has found a ready-made subject for March 8 this year. The problem is certainly not those women who start businesses and the difficulties they encounter. The problem is the government's enthusiasm to make the question of entrepreneurs the theme for March 8, thus eliminating the thousands of women who are fighting on this day to defend their right to a fulfilling human existence.

Women have made many advances in recent decades to open society's path to progress by their active participation in all spheres of life and they continue to do so. Today they are fighting for a pro-social program because the Harper government pushes its anti-social program. The Harper government's canned slogan will not succeed in covering up this anti-social agenda and women's fight to oppose it.

The best business in today's society is to develop an economy and public institutions whose purpose is to meet the needs of women, children, the elderly and all the various collectives. Today, the fight is for a public post office, against the Employment Insurance reform, for justice for missing and murdered Aboriginal girls and women. Today, the fight is to modernize the political process so that the people can exercise control over matters that affect their lives and the living conditions of women and children.

It can be said with confidence that the theme of Status of Women Canada will be rejected with contempt by women from one end of the country to the other. The thousands of women from across Canada and Quebec standing up to affirm their rights on March 8 will be the fitting reply to Harper and Company!

(Translated from original French by TML.)

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Our Future Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!

Women have celebrated International Women's Day for more than a century as a day that recognizes women taking action on an organized basis to affirm their collective right to fully participate in all aspects of economic, social, political and cultural life. In particular it recognizes their striving to empower themselves politically, within the fight of the working class for its emancipation.

As we celebrate International Women's Day 2014, collective rights are under unprecedented attack by the Harper dictatorship and governments at all levels in their rush to dismantle the public authority and turn over all the resources of the society to private interests. This is the case whether we talk about the rights of workers to collectively organize and defend their conditions of work, remuneration and safety, or about the collectives of the unemployed, injured workers, and others including the indigenous peoples. More and more laws are being passed to interfere with how collectives organize themselves and conduct their affairs. In this the Harper government is using its fraudulently acquired majority in the Parliament to pass omnibus bills over which nobody can exercise control. He and his provincial counterparts are providing themselves with the power to act with impunity in defence of private interests. The ferocity of the anti-social agendas they are pushing is such that it hits at the very right to be of Canadians and their collectives. Anyone who takes a stand against the wrecking of the society is targeted for attack.

Far from backing down in the face of this attempt to crush the collectives of the people and leave everyone as disarticulated powerless individuals, more and more collectives are taking up the problem of how to defend their rights. They are presenting their demands within the context of what are the needs of a modern society that puts the human factor in first place. Industrial and public sector workers, Aboriginal nations, women and youth, scientists and veterans are taking a stand in defence of their collective rights and those of the future generations. They are rejecting the marginalization of their collectives and their demands as those of special interests or as something to be granted or not at the whim of those in power.

In terms of the collective of women, since coming to power in 2006 the Harper dictatorship, its parade of anti-women Ministers of the Status of Women and governments at all levels continue to dismantle arrangements that provide even a minimum of security. It has pushed the line that women are already equal, a claim which is put to shame so long as women dominate the sectors which are most impoverished, exploited and oppressed. Based on this bogus claim the government has cut funding for any organizations that assist women to assert their just claims on the society. To this day the Harper government stubbornly refuses to call a National Enquiry into the disappearance and murder of thousands of women, the majority of whom are Aboriginal. This alone sends the clear message that as far as the Harper dictatorship is concerned women are fair game and are to fend for themselves. Canadian women say No! they will never submit to this dictate.

Faced with the urgent need to stop the wrecking of society by the Harper dictatorship and Quebec and provincial governments in the service of monopoly interests people are getting together in their collectives to work out how to change the situation. What tactics do we need to Stop Harper, to block the austerity agenda, whether to vote in this or that election and if so, who to vote for, how to be effective -- these are all discussions taking place in the collectives of fighting people. Women are front and centre in this developing collective action to make themselves a factor and deprive the powers that be of their power to deprive us of our rights.

The neo-liberal block put in the way is the pressure that we should divide ourselves on the basis of partisan politics, choosing the lesser of two evils, the effect of which is to demobilize and paralyze us. At the same time, people are bombarded with theories about "income inequality" and that the problem is we need more taxes, that the services we require are just not affordable or that workers are a cost that must be "minimized." All of this goes against workers' own experience. Workers know that they are what makes the society work, and their labour time applied to the bounty of Mother Earth gives rise to all real value. Their experience tells them that no headway will be made by lining up behind one or another version of the same anti-social agenda.

On the occasion of International Women's Day 2014, women must step up the fight to reject the imposition of neo-liberal theories and definitions and to build the committees for people's empowerment. By uniting in action to implement plans we set for ourselves, relying on our own collective experience and developing confidence through implementing the plan and assessing actions to see how to proceed, we can prevail.

Women's Future Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!

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Women Lead in the Fight Against the
Austerity Agenda and for Rights

International Women's Day offers a time to reflect on the role that women play in society and the fight for rights. People have come to the conclusion that they do not agree with the austerity agenda of governments both federally and provincially. They are taking up organizing resistance to the attacks on their health care, education and other social programs; their right to a livelihood, public safety and security in retirement. They are opposing the pay-the-rich schemes that serve monopoly right over public right.

In Ontario, women in their organizations, teachers and education workers, injured workers, trade unions, childcare advocates, immigrant and anti-poverty groups, seniors, health care workers and others are opposing the actions of governments that are hitting at that which is important in the functioning of a modern society. They are demanding their rights to collective bargaining, pensions, affordable childcare and housing, a living wage and health care. Women, as part of the working class and people, demand these rights as the producers of wealth and services that society needs to exist whether in the private or public sector. They are demanding control of the wealth produced and a say in the direction of the economy. They are rejecting all theories that say that workers are a cost of production are dispelling the neo-liberal outlook that the services people require are not affordable.

In the Ontario by-elections women have played a key role in fighting against those politicians who are upholding the capital centred outlook of enforcing cuts to social programs in order to pay off debts and make available huge amount of capital to the financial oligarchy and monopolies claiming they are needed economic policies. Meanwhile the conditions facing the people are worsening. Whatever is in the interests of the monopolies is always on the government agenda. They never have to wait for the approval of anyone as the political system provides for their needs while the people are told to wait for balanced budgets or the next election and voice their opposition at the ballot box.

Women are interested in opening up a path for progress and they will continue to take the lead in organizing to empower themselves and others to defeat those who stand in the way of rights and a society fit for humans. In this way political representatives will come forward who will unite the people who are active and fighting to defeat the austerity agenda which is causing havoc in people's lives.

The theme for this year's Toronto International Women's Day Rally and March is "Women Taking Power." How are women doing this? This is an important discussion facing the movement. Women are leading as part of the fight for rights to ensure that the popular will becomes the legal will; that the people have the authority to ensure the realization of rights as a guarantee. Working on how to do this is on the agenda for women as part of the working people, youth and seniors. The initiative must be kept in their hands. This takes place under difficult conditions whereby governments use measures to sow doubt and negate the people's ability to think. They do everything in their power to suppress organized opposition and resistance to the cuts to social programs, to the needs of society as outlined by the people themselves.

Governments use phony consultations cloaked in consensus building which results in dictate and the negation of the demands people have worked out. This was clearly seen in the Ontario government's fraudulent "Consensus Report" on Minimum Wage. The government implemented a pro-poverty solution and the popular demands of the people were ignored. The government's aim is to instill powerlessness in collectives of people who are fighting. Whether in education, child care, justice for injured workers, community health care, housing, wages or pensions, their aim is to disempower and suppress any organized opposition to their austerity agenda and to impose their dictate by imposing laws, "modernization" Acts and regulations to provide funds in service of the financial oligarchy and monopolies.

Women are leaders in opposing this wrecking of society and are discussing how to open a path for progress and what tactics are needed in by-elections, general election and the upcoming federal election. They are discussing how to be effective in ensuring that people are activated and engaged in deciding themselves the way forward to ensure the rights of all.

Join in! Build Committees for People's Empowerment!
No! to the Austerity Agenda!
Stop Paying the Rich! Increase Investments in Social Programs!
Our Security Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All

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All Out for March 8, International Women's Day!

Women stand in the forefront of all the struggles for rights, in Canada and the world over. For more than 100 years, on March 8 women have taken political action on an organized basis to affirm their rights and for empowerment. On March 8, International Women's Day, we will join millions of women around the world who mobilize on IWD. Join in!

We are marching to oppose the austerity agenda of Harper, Redford and other governments, and their assault on public services and the people who provide them, a majority of whom are women. We demand that governments defend the public good and provide the funding required for the social programs and services which people need. This includes the right to health care, care and security for seniors, childcare, education and recreation for children and youth, and all the things human beings require to flourish. No more privatization and wrecking of social programs to pay the rich! Hands off public sector pensions! Yes to pensions for all! Save our public post office!

We are marching to demand justice for murdered and missing women! We condemn the racist and sexist government policies which help perpetuate this violence, police negligence and the indifference of the Harper government. We demand funding as a right for the programs women need including sexual assault centres, shelters and affordable housing.

We are marching to affirm new nation-to-nation relations between First Nations and Métis and Canadians. We say no! to Canada's ongoing colonial relationship with First Nations and Métis peoples which has denied women their traditional place of honour and leadership, a place which women have reclaimed as they stand in the forefront of the struggles to defend the rights of all.

We are marching to express our unity with women the world over, especially those in the war-torn countries of the world and all who face and resist imperialist aggression, occupation, intrigue and threats. We stand with the women of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean who are fighting for their rights and from whose sweat and blood the global monopolies and big powers and countries such as Canada steal immense wealth. We oppose the Harper government's worker-trafficking and demand that the temporary foreign workers and live-in caregivers' programs be ended and replaced with permanent residency for temporary and undocumented workers on the basis of Status for All!

We are marching as one with women in Canada and the world who are fighting to achieve their rights, and establish a humane and modern world based on the affirmation of the rights of all! Bring your banners and signs which highlight your work and demands! Bring your co-workers and families -- all are welcome!

For more information, go to www.facebook.com/IWDEdmonton, email: Edmontoniwd@gmail.com, or contact Merryn at 780-910-1951.

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