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May 26, 2009 - No. 104

CANSEC Arms Fair Out of Ottawa!
Funding for Social Programs Not for War!
Fight for an Anti-War Government!

Day of Action to Oppose CANSEC Arms Fair

Wednesday, May 27

Ottawa: 2008 protest against CANSEC.

CANSEC Arms Fair Out of Ottawa! Funding for Social Programs Not for War! Fight for an Anti-War Government!
DFAIT Funds CADSI's Efforts to Promote the International Arms Trade - Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
Canadian Military Exports to Countries at War, 2003-2005 - Richard Sanders, Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade

Denounce Bush and Clinton in Toronto May 29
Demonstrate Against Both the Natural and Hereditary Aristocracy - K.C. Adams

CANSEC Arms Fair Out of Ottawa!
Funding for Social Programs Not for War!
Fight for an Anti-War Government!

TML condemns the holding of the CANSEC Defence and Security Trade Show in Ottawa from May 27-28, against the expressed wishes of the people of Ottawa, in violation of a longstanding ban, and against the broad desire of Canadians for Canada to be a force for peace in the world. The Coalition Opposed to the Arms Trade (COAT) points out that the vast majority of Canadian arms are sold to the U.S. Events such as CANSEC can only result in Canada providing assistance to U.S. state terrorism in the form of direct military invasions, U.S.-backed coups or attacks by U.S. allies on the peoples of the world. Furthermore, to hold such an event anywhere in Canada, especially the national capital, is an affront to Canadians from all walks of life in a country whose population comes from all nations, many of which have been the victims of U.S. imperialist crimes.

In the midst of the global financial and economic crisis, the Canadian working class is putting forward the demand Manufacturing Yes! Nation-Wrecking No! and this includes ending war production which has no social value whatsoever and which results in one section of international working class creating the means to destroy another while further enriching the bourgeoisie in the process. Equally unacceptable is that at a time of deepening economic crisis the Canadian government is abdicating its duty to provide for the immediate needs of the working class and people for social programs to sustain them, the economy and the society, while it advocates arms production and war.

Down with the CANSEC arms fair and all Canadian involvement in U.S. imperialist adventures! Fight for an anti-war government!

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DFAIT Funds CADSI's Efforts to Promote the International Arms Trade

Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), has generously supported the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI). This support, totalling $191,554 between 2006-2008, is specifically focused on assisting CADSI's efforts to promote Canadian military companies' exports.

This is evidenced in an online DFAIT source called "Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards Over $25,000: International Trade" which states that the purpose of these PEMD grants is to support "generic international business development activities."

PEMD is DFAIT's "Program for Export Marketing Development." In particular, the DFAIT grants to CADSI fall under what is called the PEMD-A program. PEMD-A stands for Program for Export Marketing Development for Associations.[1]


- On March 24, 2006, CADSI received a PEMD "Contribution" of $47,138 from the "International Trade" division of DFAIT[2]
- On May 15, 2007, CADSI received a PEMD "Contribution" of $46,509 from the "International Trade" division of DFAIT[3]
- On April 24, 2008, CADSI received a PEMD "Contribution" of $97,907 from the "International Trade" division of DFAIT[4]

= $191,554

Promoting the International Arms Trade

Many Canadians may be opposed to the fact that the Canadian government is funding a military-industry association, such as CADSI, to specifically promote the international export efforts of its corporate members. CADSI's main work is to organise an international arms bazaar called CANSEC which will be hosted by the City of Ottawa in late May 2009.

Conflict of Interest: A Government-funded Lobby Group?!

CADSI however is also a LOBBY GROUP which has a special "Government Relations" committee dedicated to pushing the government on issues, like military spending and export regulations, in order to benefit its corporate members.


1. http://pemd-pdme.infoexport.gc.ca/pemd/tradeassociations/launch-en.asp
2. http://w01.international.gc.ca/dg-do/index_it-ci.aspx?lang=eng&p=4&r=8&c=320
3. http://w01.international.gc.ca/dg-do/index_it-ci.aspx?lang=eng&p=4&r=13&c=802
4. http://w01.international.gc.ca/dg-do/index_it-ci.aspx?lang=eng&p=4&r=17&c=1575

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Canadian Military Exports
to Countries at War, 2003-2005

Between 2003 and 2005, Canada exported more than $5.6 billion in military exports to 73 countries. Of these 73 nations, 39 had troops that were then engaged in major military conflicts, either at home or abroad. This means that 53% of the countries to which Canada exported military goods during those three years, were directly engaged in wars, invasions and/or occupations.

However, much more significant is the fact that these 39 warring nations receiving Canadian military hardware accounted for a full 90% (i.e., $5.1 billion) of the total value of Canada's military exports between 2003 and 2005.

Click here for a table listing the values of Canada's military exports to countries engaged in war between 2003 and 2005. This table links to the categories of military equipment that Canada provided to these 39 warring countries.

The data on Canada's military exports to countries other than the United States, comes from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT). Unfortunately DFAIT's data has numerous accounting loopholes which cause the figures to appear much lower than they actually are. For a discussion of the flaws in DFAIT's reporting on Canada's military exports, click here.

The United States

As usual, the largest recipient -- by far -- of Canadian military exports was the United States. It received 70% (i.e., $4 billion worth) of Canada's military exports during the three years in question. This matches another Canadian government estimate which states "The United States market accounts for the majority of Canadian aerospace and defence exports -- 77% output exported around the world." (Statistics Canada)

Canadian military exports to the U.S., between 2003 and 2005, were two and a third times the value of Canadian exports to all other countries combined.

Canada is thoroughly and completely integrated into the military industrial complex as part of the "North American Military Industrial Base." As such, the U.S. government treats Canadian companies as if they were U.S. companies. The Canadian government requires exporters to procure military export permits for all foreign sales except for military exports to the U.S. The complete lack of trade restrictions on Canadian military exports to the U.S. also means that the Canadian government has been free to hand out billions of dollars in grants and loans to Canada's already highly profitable war industries. Under Canada-U.S. trade agreements, such subsidies are not permitted except in military and energy sectors. The Pentagon is therefore free to take advantage of publicly-subsidized Canadian military products in all of its wars, invasions, interventions, regime changes and bombing operations.

The Canadian government's eagerness to promote and support military exports to the U.S. is evidenced online. For instance, the first link on the Canadian government's "Sell2USGov" webpage, called "U.S. Federal Departments and Specialized Markets," is the U.S. "Department of Defense." This link helps Canadian military corporations to find export opportunities with all branches of the U.S. military and U.S. intelligence agencies, including through the The Defense Logistics Agency, The National Security Agency and The Missile Defense Agency.

Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti

In practice, the Canadian government's tremendous support for Canadian war industries eager to tap into the huge U.S. military market has meant that Canadian products have been deeply embedded in all major U.S. wars, invasions, bombardment campaigns and illegal regime changes.

The prime examples of large-scale U.S.-led military engagements between 2003 and 2005 were in Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti.

In 2003, the U.S. began its "shock and awe" bombing campaign to launch the Iraq War, which has since killed an estimated 1.3 million people. The U.S. was by then already engaged in leading its war in Afghanistan which began in 2001. This war has caused the deaths of between 40 and 60 thousand people, including combatants and civilians. Then, in 2004, a U.S.-led "Multilateral Interim Force" (MIF) invaded and occupied Haiti thus ousting its elected government and replacing it with an unelected, undemocratic puppet regime. The MIF was soon transformed into MINUSTAH, a UN occupation force that oversaw the illegal regime change and empowered the Latortue dictatorship that ruled Haiti for more than two years.

Of the 39 warring countries that received Canadian military exports between 2003 and 2005, 33 of them were engaged in one or more of these three U.S.-led military conflicts during this time period. For example, 24 of the warring recipients of Canadian military goods (i.e., 61.5%) were deploying troops and hardware to the Afghan War; 12 of these warring countries (31%) were similarly engaged in the Iraq War and 10 of them (i.e., 25%) were deploying their armed forces for the MIF invasion and/or MINUSTAH occupation of Haiti.

Only 9 of the 39 warring countries receiving Canadian military technology were engaged in major internal, arms conflicts. Among these, only 7 were not also engaged in one of the major foreign war of Canada's military recipients between 2003 and 2005 were involved in major armed conflicts within their own borders but were not engaged in deploying troops to Afghanistan, Iraq and/or Haiti.

The value of Canada's exports to each of the various major conflicts (Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and Internal Wars) once again reveals the overwhelming importance of the United States as the main recipient of Canadian military products and services. As a percentage of Canada's total military exports, the value of Canadian military products and services (between 2003-2005) that were sold to countries deploying troops to fight in the Afghan war was just over $5 billion. While this is 89% of Canada's total, documented military exports for that period, it represents an astounding 99% of the value of exports to the 39 recipients of Canada's military hardware that are engaged in major armed conflicts. Meanwhile, the value of Canadian military exports to countries engaged in the Iraq War was just under $5 billion which represents 86% of Canada's total military exports and 96% of our exports to warring countries (during that period).

In stark contrast, Canada's exports to the nine governments engaged in major "internal wars," namely Colombia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Nigeria, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Sri Lanka and Thailand, was negligible. It amounted to less than $14 million, which is less than a quarter of one percent of the value of Canada's military exports to countries at war. While a few U.S. troops or military advisors are likely deployed to some of these nine countries their role is extremely minimal when compared to major conflicts such as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, Canada's military exports to the United States is by far most important factor in analysing Canada's role in arming the nations at war in the three major armed conflicts discussed here. For example, Canadian exports to the U.S. account for:

- 79% of Canada's military exports to countries deployed in Afghanistan;
- 81% of Canada's military exports to countries deployed in Iraq; and
- 92% of Canada's military exports to countries deployed in Haiti.

This item is part of a report produced by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) which was created to support of the campaign to Oppose CANSEC 2009 in Ottawa!

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Ottawa Day of Action to Oppose CANSEC Arms Fair

For more information:

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Denounce Bush and Clinton in Toronto May 29

Demonstrate Against Both the Natural
and Hereditary Aristocracy

Rally Against U.S. War Criminals
Bill Clinton and George W. Bush

Friday, May 29 -- 3:00-6:00 pm

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front Street West

The ruling economic and political authority of the U.S. Empire has within it members that inherit their positions and those that move to positions of authority and incredible wealth from lower social classes, including those of persecuted nationalities. Members of the hereditary aristocracy bequeath their positions of privilege to family or those among their retinue they favour. The natural aristocracy acquires its wealth and power through acts of cunning and manipulation of the socialized economy considered both legal and illegal.

President George W. Bush represents an hereditary ruler that almost everyone recognizes did not merit the position of power and prestige he held and still occupies as former president. Bush was promoted to a position of authority at a very specific time to serve U.S. imperialism's global economic and military expansion and to consolidate power within the executive branch. His presidency of unending war crimes and attacks on the rule of law never acquired widespread legitimacy. To overcome this problem, especially internally, the U.S. oligarchy promoted to president a member of the natural aristocracy, Barack Obama.

Bill Clinton represents a ruler who gained his position through natural talent. He became president with the collapse of the Soviet Union and used his considerable skills to rally U.S. and other public opinion behind the dismemberment and invasion of the former Yugoslavia, the isolation, bombing and weakening of Iraq, the unleashing of unbridled U.S. monopoly greed and interference worldwide and neo-liberal policies within the U.S. to pay the rich and reduce investments in social programs. Clinton and his partner Hillary have used their natural and developed skills to manipulate their U.S. public service into a personal empire of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Natural Aristocracy

The phenomenon of a natural aristocracy is far more common today under conditions of mass industrial production and education. President Obama and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice are examples of this trend in modern life, as the dominant class relies heavily on the best trained and talented to preserve its worldwide empire and dictatorship over the working class. Obama has proved his allegiance to the owners of monopoly capital as commander in chief of the U.S. Empire's economic and military interests at home and abroad, his enormous bailouts to the rich and constant contemptuous derision of the working class as a "labour cost" to the rich that must be reduced if their capitalist paradise is to be secured and expanded.

A natural aristocracy, under patriarchal rule to ensure heredity, has always been a feature of class society even during those periods of the most autocratic rule. No ruling class can survive without promoting some of the brightest and most talented of the lower classes and allowing their skills to be developed and used in the service of the hereditary class rulers. Those who throw in their lot with the establishment are usually well rewarded, as long as they remain active defenders of the status quo. Every ruling oligarchy, today more than ever, shows off its natural stars as justification for its continued existence and correctness in blocking the path to progress for society.

Even during the present economic recession, stories of natural stars in the economy "making it big" abound. Read the following Globe and Mail account of a "math whiz" who has learned how to manipulate the socialized economy to his advantage and build a cartel of associates by sucking added-value from distressed companies.

Those with great natural abilities such as the "math whiz" are lauded for their capacity to profit from mass industrial production even though their actions become factors causing economic crises, nation-wrecking and growing impoverishment of the many. The more the "math whizzes" are successful the more their actions produce incalculable wealth, security and power at one pole, and wrecking, poverty, insecurity and disempowerment at the other.

The ruling hereditary and natural aristocracy neither mobilizes the enormous capacity of the modern socialized economy to guarantee the rights of all, serve the people, their empowerment and progress nor does it build international relations based on respect for sovereignty and opposition to war as a method to solve problems and a rule of law that outlaws exploitation of peoples, their nations and natural resources.

In contradiction with modern definitions and requirements, the ruling aristocracy in the U.S. Empire and annexed Canada blocks at home and abroad all efforts to open the door to a human-centred alternative. Honouring the "math whiz" with incalculable wealth and praise, honouring the hereditary war criminal George Bush, and honouring the loyal natural aristocrat Bill Clinton are aimed at sustaining an imperialist system of states that is unconscionable and overripe for a human-centred alternative.


Math Whiz Figures to Play Major Role (excerpts)

West Face Capital CEO Greg Boland has built his reputation as one of Bay Street 's top hedge fund managers. The key Canadian player in the restructuring dance at CanWest Global Communications Corp. is a 44-year-old math whiz with a knack for pulling big returns out of complicated situations.

Greg Boland, the founder and chief executive officer of West Face Capital Inc., isn't in it to be a media mogul. But he and other CanWest creditors may yet decide the fate of some of Canada 's most important media assets, including a national television network and the pre-eminent daily newspapers in Vancouver, Edmonton , Calgary and Ottawa .

West Face is one of three CanWest bondholders that purchased $100-million in new debt from the company in a deal announced Wednesday. The other two are U.S. investment funds GoldenTree Asset Management and Beach Point Capital Management. The money, along with another $75-million from CIT Business Credit Canada Inc., allows CanWest to repay its bank loans, gives it operating funds for the summer and, most importantly, buys it time to craft a broader restructuring plan to reduce its crushing $3.9-billion in debt (including a future obligation to pay a large and still undetermined sum to the private equity arm of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., a legacy of the 2007 deal to buy Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc.) Mr. Boland's best-known successes are with companies that were already in bankruptcy court or nearly so. His investment partnership bought 18 per cent of Stelco Inc. when it was in bankruptcy protection for less than $30-million. The steel maker was sold for more than $1-billion in 2007, and West Face made a small fortune.

He was also involved in the restructuring at Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (now Viterra Inc.) when that company was subsumed by debt troubles in the early part of the decade.

[Boland is] a big shareholder of ACE Aviation Holdings Inc., the 75-per-cent shareholder of Air Canada and also owns a significant stake in ACE spinoff Jazz Air Income Fund.

In the mid-1980s, Boland was waiting tables at Palmerston, an upscale Toronto restaurant, when the place hosted a fundraising event for the University of British Columbia's portfolio management foundation, which lets finance students learn by managing millions of dollars of the school's money. The idea stuck in his head, and before long he went to Vancouver in search of a degree in computer science and finance.

(Source:Globe and Mail May 21)


The working class movement cannot end this tendency towards a natural aristocracy serving the dictatorship of the rich without having its own worker politicians coming to power and changing the aim of society. This requires nurturing a cultural and social environment that eulogizes and cherishes those who use their talents, hard work and skill to organize the working class movement for emancipation, the advancement of enlightenment and the progress of society in opposition to the natural and hereditary aristocracy. Such heroes of the people have always existed but their work and memory is vilified by those in authority, especially the most powerful empires. The people must reverse this process dictated by the aristocracy and denounce the real criminals such as Bush and Clinton and honour the real heroes of our time who fight for the rights of all. Every nation in the world has produced heroes that have fought to their last breath for the dignity of their people, enlightenment and social progress. But their memory is vilified, in some cases distorted and used for reactionary purposes by the ruling classes or simply ignored.

Who in Canada for example has heard of the enormous contribution of Hardial Bains to the political and intellectual life of the country? Comrade Bains was a man of exceptional intellectual ability. No one who met him in a serious way, in his capacity as a revolutionary organizer of the youth in Punjab to founder and leader of CPC(M-L), doubted for an instant that if Comrade Bains had thrown his lot in with the ruling aristocracy, he would have been guaranteed a position of wealth and power in any field of endeavour be it microbiology, bourgeois politics or business. But Hardial Bains was steadfast his entire life in his commitment to communism and the emancipation of the working class. For his unwavering application of his incredible talent in defence of the rights of all and to resolve the fundamental contradictions facing humanity, Comrade Bains gained the deep affection and respect of all those fighting for the new and for fundamental change, and in sharp contrast nothing but scorn and abuse from the ruling aristocracy and its mignons.

The working class must cherish leaders such as Hardial Bains and others who dedicate their talents and energy to the working class movement for emancipation, enlightenment and the advancement of society.

The working class and its allies must become more vocal in denouncing those such as Boland, Clinton and Obama who use their talents and opportunities as a means to join the ruling aristocracy, enrich themselves and block the advance of society.

All out in Toronto May 29 to denounce Clinton and Bush and those who serve the ruling class in its wars, colonial occupations and plunder of the world's peoples and natural resources! Long live those who tirelessly serve the cause of the working class for emancipation, enlightenment and social progress!

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