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No. 1 - January 2023

In Memoriam

• F. William Lawvere

Answering the Call of History in 2023

• Providing Democracy with a Modern Definition

• Let the Working People Take Their Place in Determining the Character of the Present Period – Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)


• Widespread February Strikes in Transportation, Health Care and Education – Workers' Weekly


• Two Million Demonstrate Against Government Raising Age of Retirement

Israel and Occupied Territories

• All Out to Support the Palestinian People and Their Right to Be!


• Attempted Coup Fails Thanks to People's Defence of Democracy – Margaret Villamizar

• Fully Support the Brazilian People! Hold All Those Responsible for the Coup Attempt in Brazil Accountable! – ALBA Social Movements Ottawa

January 2023

• Important Dates and Anniversaries

No. 2 - February 2023

Memorial Marches for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

• End Colonial Justice! Uphold the Rights of All!

• Trudeau Government's Shameless Refusal to Fulfill Requirements of Calls for Justice – Philip Fernandez

First Ministers' Meeting on Health Care

• Forms of Deception in the Name of Fixing Health Care System – Enver Villamizar

• Essence of the Anti-Social Offensive – Pauline Easton

• Ontario Government's Reduction of Medical Wait Times by Financing Private Clinics – Barbara Biley and Peggy Morton

• Actions in Ontario in Defence of Public Health Care

• Upcoming Actions to Support Ontario Nurses as Negotiations Begin

More Attempts to Divest Governments of Constitutional and Legal Limitations 

• Fast-Tracking Approval of Mining Projects  – Fernand Deschamps

• Quebec Mining Act Grants Private Interests Unfettered Rights 

• Organization Demands Integrated Planning and Development of Mined Land in Quebec

• Medieval Conception of "Free Mining" – Pierre Soubliθre

• Northern Ontario First Nations Form Alliance to Oppose Free Mining

Indigenous Peoples Affirm Their Sovereignty, Hereditary and Treaty Rights

• Canada's Treachery on Rights of Indigenous Peoples – Colleen Pearse

• Wet'suwet'en Steadfastly Demand Canada Uphold Hereditary Rights and Constitutional Obligations 

• Haudenosaunee Land Defenders Affirm Right to Be

Finding Solutions for Problems Faced by Asylum Seekers

• Montreal Community Organizations Demand Dignity and Rights for Asylum Seekers

• Community Organizer Elaborates Problems Facing Asylum Seekers

• Tribute to Victim of Canada's "Rules-Based Order"

• Spirited Hamilton Rally Demands Status for All Without Exception

Matters of Concern Around the World

• No to Canada's Interference in Peru! Support the Peruvian People's Just Demands! – Margaret Villamizar

• Shame on Canada for Deploying Spy Planes to Haiti

• Unions Join Forces to Support Haitian-Led Solutions to Crisis in Haiti

• Earthquake Death Toll in Turkey and Syria Exceeds 33,000

• Palestinian Political Prisoners Launch Mass Hunger Strike

• U.S. War Against Africa Intensifies

No. 3 - March 2023

Federal Budget 2023

Only the People Can Provide Solutions to the Problems They Face

Further Integration into Escalating U.S. Warmongering

Budget Increases Police Funding to Interfere in Affairs of Canadian Polity and Internal Affairs of Other Countries – Anna Di Carlo –

Economic Crisis Gathering Steam – K.C. Adams –

U.S. War President Not Welcome in Canada

Claiming High Ideals to Hide U.S. Demands that Canada Submit to Its Agenda for World Domination – Barbara Biley

Militant Actions Declare "No to U.S.-Led Aggression and War -- Biden Go Home!"

Canada's Follow-Through on Commitments to U.S. at North American Leaders' Summit

U.S. Operations in Canadian Arctic Consolidated During Biden's Visit

Urgent Need to Defend the Rights of Migrants and Refugees

Montreal Protest Against Canada-U.S. Decision to Further Block "Irregular Migration"

Canadian Union of Public Employees Condemns Roxham Road Border Closure

• Facts About "Irregular Migration" in Context – Diane Johnston

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Out of Wet'suwet'en Land!

Oppose State Violence Against Wet'suwet'en in the Service of Private Interests

Statement by Union of BC Indian Chiefs

Visit of United Nations Special Rapporteur on Rights of Indigenous Peoples

No. 4 - April 2023

Earth Day 2023

All Out to Humanize the Natural and Social Environment! – Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

Further Integration of Canada's Energy Resources with U.S. War Economy

• Policy of Exporting Electricity to the U.S. – Fernand Deschamps –

Hydro-Quιbec's "Shared Ownership" of Power Lines with Blackstone Hedge Fund

Problems with "Green Energy" Projects

Massive New Subsidy for Volkswagen Battery Facility to Be Built in St. Thomas, Ontario

GM Announcement on Electric Drive Production in St. Catharines

• Largest Battery Storage Project in Canada on Haudenosaunee Grand River Territory

What Happened to CS Wind?

Ontario Government Increases Electricity Capacity for Electrical Battery Production

Fraud in Managing Ontario's Electrical System

• Information on Electrical Production in Ontario

Video: Discussion on Ontario's Energy System – EmpowerYourselfNow.ca


NATO's Drive to Reinvent Itself

Two-Day Conference of National Armaments Directors

• Meeting of U.S.-Led Ukraine Defense Contact Group

25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement

• British Government's Attempts to Block People of Ireland from Exercising Their Sovereignty – Workers' Weekly


• Cuban People Give Strong Vote of Confidence to Their Revolution – Margaret Villamizar

Lively Discussion on Elections in Cuba

Some Distinguishing Features of Cuba's Electoral System

Ninth Container of Medical Aid Sent to Cuba by Cuban Canadians


• Farmers and Workers Remain Undeterred Despite Show of Force – J. Singh

No. 5 - May 2023

Anarchy Raised to Authority

Greater Accumulation of Social Wealth in Very Few Hands

Speculation on Global Food Prices – Jay Thompson

Collapse of Credit Suisse – K.C. Adams –

Canada Needs a Foreign Policy that Serves Peace, Not U.S. Hegemony

Canada Steps Up Interference on Korean Peninsula in the Name of Partnership and Cooperation – Nick Lin

Canadian Intervention Props Up Haitian Police

Canada Isolated in Security Council Debate on Effective Multilateralism – Hilary LeBlanc

Alberta General Election to Be Held May 29

Working People Faced with Need to Take Control of the Decision-Making Process – Peggy Askin

Compensation for Egregious Harms Experienced by First Nations Children

• Revised Final Settlement Agreement – Union of BC Indian Chiefs

News and Views on Matters of Concern

It's High Time the Ontario Teachers' Pension Fund Divests from Union-Busting Firm Stone Canyon Industries Holdings Inc. – Enver Villamizar

• Demands for Canadian Workers to Submit to U.S. War Economy – Pierre Chénier

Mourn Our Dead! Fight for the Living!

Suncor Workers Raise Need to Exercise Control Over Working Conditions – Peggy Morton

Migrant Workers Demand Accountability

Ensuring Health and Safety of Migrant Workers – Interview, Michel Pilon –

Workers Continue to Fight for Health and Safety Rights and Compensation – Félix Lapan –

Canadians and Quebeckers in Action for the Rights of All

Action in Toronto Calls for Scrapping of Safe Third Country Agreement

Thousands Take to Quebec Streets in Defence of Mother Earth

• Militant Support for Palestinian People's Right to Be

Responses to Alarming U.S. Deployments in the Asia Pacific

U.S. Deploys Nuclear Weapons on Korean Peninsula – Philip Fernandez

Democratic People's Republic of Korea Successfully Tests Ballistic Missile

• National Democratic Front of the Philippines Celebrates 50th Anniversary

No. 6 - June 2023

May 6 Coronation of Charles III

A Coronation Which Sounds the Monarchy's Death Knell

If the Monarch and the Monarchy Are Symbols, What Do These Symbols Represent? – Pauline Easton –

Lifting the Veil on the Secrets of State

The Obsolete King's Commonwealth

The Monarchy and "Soft Power"

Charles III and the Rebooting of Britain's "Soft Power"

Letter to the Editor on British Armaments Company's Role in Canada

In the Canadian Parliament

• Threats Against Quebec Party Leader Reveal Impotence of Establishment ForcesSignificant and Historic Support for Motion to Sever Ties Between Canada and British Monarchy

No. 8 - August 2023

Parliament to Reconvene September 18

System of Party Rule in Utter Disrepute – Pauline Easton

Laws Passed in Last Parliamentary Session

Bill 18, the Online News Act

Trudeau's Reshuffled Cabinet

National Security Council

Ontario Education Negotiations

Ongoing Attempts to Eliminate the Right to Strike in K-12 Education in Ontario – Enver Villamizar

• Secondary School Teachers' Union's Proposal to Prevent Strike

• Government Forced to Negotiate New Standardized Reading Tests

Interview with Leaders of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec

On Democracy and the Constitution – Alliance for a Quebec Citizens' Assembly

No. 9 - September 2023

All Out to Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

Demand Canada Stay Out of U.S. War Preparations!

Escalating U.S. Threats in Asia Pacific and Related Developments

U.S.-Japan-South Korea Camp David Summit

Korean People Condemn Camp David Tripartite Agreement and Japan's Irresponsible Actions

Self-Serving U.S. Agenda at Security Council Condemned

 Japan's Release of Radioactive Nuclear Wastewater into Pacific Ocean

• Japanese People and Peoples of Neighbouring Countries Strenuously Condemn This Move – K.C. Adams

 Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) Gathering in South Africa

• Historic Summit Forges Unity in Favour of Peaceful Cooperation and Progress

Solidarity with Cuba Broadens

Cuban President Receives Rousing Welcome in Africa

• Worldwide Campaign for One Million Signatures to Remove Cuba from U.S. List of State Sponsors of Terrorism

Hands Off Haiti!

Kenyan Delegation Visits Haiti to Prepare for Foreign Intervention Force

Vietnam's National Day

• 78th Anniversary of Victory of August Revolution

• Confident Strides on Path of National Independence and Socialism for Global Peace, Friendship, Cooperation and Development

No. 10 - October 2023

Canada's Craven Foreign Policy

• Canada Fails to Reject Israel's Plan for "New Middle East" with Palestine Erased from the Map – Margaret Villamizar and Hilary LeBlanc

U.S./Zionist Policy of Destruction –  Pauline Easton

Leaked Israeli Plans and Statements Reveal Criminal Intent

Evidence of U.S. Involvement

Canadians Call on Trudeau Government to Take a Principled Stand Against Israeli War Crimes

Vigorous Action Opposes Canadian and CARICOM Interference in Haiti!

On the Election of New Speaker of the House of Commons

Factional Fighting in the Parliament Underscores Need for Democratic Renewal of Political Process – Anna Di Carlo

Old Arrangements Cannot Restore Equilibrium in Party System of Government

Status For All, Without Exception

• Thousands of Canadians and Quebeckers Take Action on Eve of Opening of Parliament –  Diane Johnston

• Montrealers Demand Regularization and an End to Exploitation and Abuse

UN Special Rapporteur's Damning Statement on Canada's Treatment of Temporary Foreign Workers

Highlights from End of Mission Statement

Strong Opposition to Proposed Quebec Housing Law

• Marches Assert Loud and Clear that Housing Is a Right

• Night of the Homeless Demands a Roof for All, Now

Unsustainable Housing Crisis Exacerbated by Government Diversion, Inaction and Corruption – Pierre Soublière

• Night of the Homeless Marked in the Outaouais – Alexandre Deschênes

• Quebec Housing Bill 31 -- A Juridical Approach to Deny Right to Housing

Unacceptable Militarization of Public Space

Not a Single Youth for Imperialist War! – Christine Dandenault

• No to Canadian Armed Forces' Provocation of Protest During "Routine" Exercise

United States

Bold Actions Persist in Defence of Freedom of Speech


• Conservative Party Conference Met with Mass Opposition

Defend Cuba's Right to Be! U.S., Hands Off Cuba!

UN Vote to End U.S. Genocidal and Illegal Blockade of Cuba – Nick Lin

27th International Seminar "Political Parties and the New Society" in Mexico City

• Need for Anti-imperialist Struggle, Regional Integration and World Peace Reaffirmed – Claude Brunelle

No. 11 - November 2023

Federal Government's Fall Economic Update

Neither Fiscally Responsible Nor Socially Responsible – Pauline Easton

Government Dogma of "Responsible Fiscal Plan" – K.C. Adams

Details of Fall Economic Update

Growing Indebtedness of Governments Throughout the World 

World Is Drowning in Debt to the Rich

Evidence of Need for Moratoria on Servicing Imperialist Debt

Statement of Solidarity with Chinese Community of Quebec

Fearmongering About "Chinese Police Stations"

Latin America and the Caribbean

Biden's Partnership for Economic Prosperity -- Another Summit to Undermine the Americas

New Presidency Will Plunge Argentina into Ever Greater Crisis

Kenya's High Court Blocks Deployment of Interventionist Police Force to Haiti

Nicaragua Completes Withdrawal from Organization of American StatesGuatemalans Persist in Defending President-Elect Arevalo

Salvadoran Community in Quebec Meets to Discuss Their Homeland's Future • Mass Popular Demonstration Supports Honduran President's Work – Interview with Gilberto Ríos, Libre Party

200th Anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine

U.S. Imperialist Presidential Doctrines to Take Over the World

• History of Washington's Attacks Against Its Own People and the Peoples of the World – Pablo Moctezuma Barragán

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