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June 12, 2006 - No. 97

Justice for the Six Nations!

The State Must End Its Provocations Now!

Justice for the Six Nations!

The State Must End Its Provocations Now!
One Hundred Ontario First Nations Chiefs Support Six Nations
Why Is the OPP Helping the U.S. "ATF" Spy on Six Nations? Are They Trying to Set Up a "Waco Texas" Style Massacre? - Kahentinetha Horn, Mohawk Nations News
Update from Grand River - Hazel Hill
Colonial Provocation 101: Two Troubling Incidents Today at Six Nations - Kahentinetha Horn, Mohawk Nations News
What's "Windigo Psychosis"? Is ATF Mounting "Sitting Duck" Operation at Six Nations? - Kahentinetha Horn, Mohawk Nation News
OPP Caught "Spinning Wheels" in Six Nations Community - Kahentinetha Horn, Mohawk Nation News

The Indian Act's Corrupt - Kim Petersen, The Dominion

Justice for the Six Nations!

The State Must End Its Provocations Now!

The law enforcement agencies of the Canadian state are continuing to escalate their provocations against the Six Nations people and their land reclamation belying the words of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and others that they are interested in seeking a peaceful solution. All indications are they are preparing conditions to again launch an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), if not army, attack against the Six Nations and their land reclamation. This must not take place!

Since the evening of June 4, a series of provocations have been carried out against the Six Nations in a thinly disguised attempt to justify launching an all-out attack against them. How to deal with provocations against the peaceful defence of their sovereignty on Six Nations land has dominated the past week. Despite the long-standing and well-known fact that police forces across Canada, whether federal or provincial, must only enter First Nations lands at the invitation of the First Nations police, an OPP cruiser "got lost" in Six Nations territory on Sixth line. Sixth Line coincidentally runs behind the Six Nations land reclamation site. The lost cruiser had a map of the area on its dash and one of the two OPP in the car. When asked they admitted they had been part of the force that invaded Six Nations land on April 20. The Six Nations police were called and the officers charged with trespassing and released.

This excuse was used by the OPP to close Argyle Street and out came the provocateurs with their signs demanding that the army be called in and issuing racist slurs against the Six Nations people. The setting fire of a barn on Six Nations land and a car set somewhere near a hydro transformer -- both presented in the monopoly media to appear as if they were actions of the Six Nations -- completed the evening. Once again, in the end, the Six Nations people maintained their peace and left the provocateurs, onlookers and police facing each other on an otherwise empty road.

Meanwhile the Hamilton Spectator reported June 3 that the OPP has "launched numerous criminal investigations relating to the occupation of Douglas Creek Estates, including activities on an adjacent hydro right of way and the blockade of a rail line." It interviewed an OPP spokesperson who stated that charges could include "kidnapping, assault with a weapon, break, enter and theft, arson and mischief endangering human life." (It is of note that a rumour was spread in the Caledonia area when the OPP car was stopped on Six Nations land the night after this article appeared that two OPP officers had been "kidnapped.") While the last sentence of the Spectator article says that the OPP was "careful not to point the finger at any person or to identify the suspects as natives or non-natives," the entire article was used to suggest that the actions of the Six Nations people are "criminal" and to threaten them for their just and resolute stands in defence of their lands.

These threats against the Six Nations people follow on what appear to have been deliberately spread rumours at the time of the June 1 Court appearance in Cayuga suggesting arrest warrants would be issued that day against Six Nations spokespeople in an apparent attempt to silence their voices in the court. These rumours were accompanied by a massive police presence around the Cayuga courthouse including a police escort for Justice David Marshall.

In the two days after the June 4 provocation, in the context of a motion passed in the Ontario legislature calling for an inquiry on the government's "handling" of the Six Nations land reclamation Premier McGuinty stated in the legislature: "The party opposite would prefer that we direct a police action. Let's be honest about where they're coming from in this regard. That is their preference. We bring a different approach. It is thoughtful; it's based on our recent understanding of some painful lessons in the history of this province.... I prefer to be direct with Ontarians. Again, the Conservatives prefer that we direct the police and that we send them out on some kind of police action. We see things differently. They have not drawn the appropriate lessons from what happened some four years ago [at Ipperwash]. We have." In the face of continued provocations by the OPP one can ask whether the police are then acting without direction or what lesson McGuinty in fact drew from Ipperwash.

McGuinty also stated that he had spoken to Prime Minister Stephen Harper "about Caledonia" during a telephone conversation on the arrest of 12 men for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks. He said that his government would "continue to demonstrate "patience and perseverance"saying that "The Prime Minister and I talked specifically about this kind of approach." "We are of one mind in that regard," he said. He did not address the obvious question of why he and the Prime Minister would discuss "Caledonia" in the context of a discussion on "terrorist attacks" in the first place.

Throughout the week of June 5-9 reports continued to air in the monopoly media about "criminal charges" being investigated. Reports on the situation in Caledonia were aired back to back with the appearances of the alleged terrorists arrested on June 2 in the Toronto area. Adding to this have been the calls by MP and Conservative Minister Diane Finley to have the OPP again invade the land reclamation. She stated in a letter to constituents: "I continue to strongly urge the provincial government, which is responsible for all matters relating to policing, to clear the protest site so that our community can return to normalcy."

The media further reported OPP "rank-and-file" complaints that their safety had been endangered by not being allowed to wear riot gear while policing in Caledonia and an internal OPP meeting was arranged in town to discuss this.

Then on June 9 two incidents took place which have every appearance of being a set-up aimed at creating a pretext for police to enter the land reclamation site. The first incident involved racist harassment of Six Nations people on the site followed by provocations by the monopoly media which led to an altercation.

In the second a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle was spotted near the reclamation site with high powered surveillance equipment in it and followed by Six Nations people to the back of the site. When the Six Nations people questioned the OPP why U.S. agents were photographing people at the reclamation site they at first tried to pass off that the agent was just visiting friends in the neighbourhood and was taking pictures "kinda like a tourist." When questioned further as to why there were OPP officers in the car they said the agent had been invited in by the OPP. Two days later the OPP are quoted in the monopoly media with the explanation that "Often, police officials work together and share information, and that group was here observing how we were using our police resources during this incident." The deputy OPP commissioner further admitted that "... some of these people that we're seeking warrants for (in charges related to the two incidents) are not from this area and I don't know if they're still in the area."

Shortly after this incident reports surfaced briefly in the media that some sort of illegal alcohol and cigarettes had been found on the site and a large OPP presence, up to 1,000 officers, was reported in the area.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Marshall in his June 1 hearing to determine why the OPP had not enforced his illegal injunction against the Six Nations land reclamation adjourned the court to June 16. He stated that he will call on both the federal Attorney-General and the Minister of Indian Affairs to become involved by calling them to a "case conference."

In addition to these specific incidents the Six Nations people on the land reclamation are facing incessant surveillance. Spokespeople report army helicopters and others flying overhead all hours of the day and night; including hovering overhead between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning with their lights off, and then on occasion, shining high powered lights down onto the people on the site.

In the face of the continued provocations against the just struggle of the Six Nations people and the persistence of the state and the monopoly media in treating this as a law and order matter, the Canadian people must maintain their vigilance and step up their expressions of support for the Six Nations peoples.

In this issue, TML is posting further information about the series of provocations that have taken place.

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One Hundred Ontario First Nations Chiefs
Support Six Nations

On June 8, First Nations Chiefs from across Ontario who were participating in a conference on the Six Nations reserve at their host's invitation visited the land reclamation site to bring the support of the First Nations people from across Ontario. Their visit was made on the 99th day of the reclamation. The chiefs arrived in two buses. After a sacred tobacco ceremony and gathering on the site the chiefs where led across the site by a colour party of flag bearers and participated in a press conference near the front entrance to the site.

"We are all one nation across this country," Grand Council Chief John Beaucage, who represents 43 First Nations across the province, told reporters. "We will show support for each other and will come to each other's aid."

"We're here to show our unequivocal support for the people of Six Nations," said Chief Wilfred King of the Gull Bay First Nation, 90 minutes north of Thunder Bay."Their battle is our battle and our battle is their battle," he added.

Chief Shining Turtle of the Whitefish River nation, an hour southwest of Sudbury, said he came to "smoke the pipe with our people." The Whitefish River nation is seeking compensation for land that was expropriated when the province built a highway through their territory in the 1980s.

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Why Is the OPP Helping the U.S. "ATF" Spy on Six Nations? Are They Trying to Set Up a "Waco Texas" Style Massacre?

It was reported that Canadian Prime Minister Harper allegedly said on television about the 102 day Six Nations-Caledonia situation, "The protesters are either going to kill the Indigenous people or the Indigenous people are going to kill the protesters!" (He hopes?) What does he mean? Indian Affairs Duncan Campbell Scott's 100 year plan was to turn all the settlers against the Indians and eliminate the "Indian problem" for good, completing their theft of Turtle Island.

Is this why the Canadian government has invited the lethal American ATF -- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms -- onto Six Nations? Why, now of all times, when the Americans are closing their borders to ordinary Canadian? Why is Canada inviting covert Americans operatives to spy on Six Nations? The ATF went to Waco Texas and on April 19, 1993, surrounded a community of fundamentalists and attacked and killed 63 people, among them many children. Cameramen and reporters happened to be there at the ready to video tape the carnage that followed. They say the attack began when an ATF agent accidentally shot himself in the foot. Noxious and flammable tear gas fortified with kerosene was thrown into the Branch Davidian compound, as armored vehicles rolled in. The compound burst into flames and the ATF with their M60 tanks smashed everything down. The FBI and the U.S. Army came in afterwards to destroy the evidence that the ATF left behind. Two years later on April 19th, 1995, the ATF offices were blown up in Oklahoma City killing over 685 people.

More and more people are beginning to suspect that the U.S. government is being torn apart by internal gang wars. If this theory is true, the ATF is in the thick of it. This is one of the oldest and most lethal agencies involved in covert operations against citizens. Canadians have always tried to steer clear of the fanatical fringes of American society. This is one of the main reasons why the Canadians have never joined the United States and have remained separate, north of the border.

The Americans have tried to invade Canada many times before and the Six Nations were always there as staunch allies. Since becoming independent from Britain, Canadians seem to be forgetting their history. They're being dragged deeper into the maelstrom of U.S. power politics. Strange things are happening these days. Suddenly we're not allowed to go south of the border unless we have passports. But the OPP and other Canadian agencies are helping Americans to spy on us. What gives? Who is this show time for right now?

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Update from Grand River

Today has been a day of unrest at the land reclamation site. While we won't go into great detail on what has happened today as a press release is being prepared, let us say that the intimidation tactics and pressure from the outside has been worked up to the point that 1000 OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) officers are being dispatched to the area surrounding the reclamation site. Caledonia residents are up in arms, demanding the removal of our people from the site. They are even going so far as to set up a barricade on the recently opened Plank Road (Argyle Street) leading into Caledonia.

The intimidation tactics leading up to today were constant..... including army helicopters and others flying overhead all hours of the day and night. They hovered overhead between 2 and 4 in the morning with their lights off and their nigh vision on, and then on occasion, shining high powered lights down onto the people on the site. (This is all the same as their tactics in Oka in 1990.)

We are being faced daily with people driving by, hollering racial remarks including "go home you f'n Indians," "get a job," "your gonna die" etc. Garbage is being thrown at us. Besides the "flipping of the bird", there have been times where firecrackers are being thrown out the car windows toward us. These incidents, however, are not investigated by the OPP because "they are not breaking any laws." (See "Rocks at Whisky Trench," National Film Board.) (What about hate laws, human rights and racial discrimination?)

Today a United States Border Patrol vehicle was retrieved with high powered surveillance equipment in it. The first story from the OPP was that the "A.T.F. Officer" was just visiting friends in the neighborhood and taking pictures "kinda like a tourist." (Right! With a high tech surveillance van? He left the family car at home?) He was spotted just down from the front line barricade. We followed them to the back door of the reclamation site. Later we questioned what the United States ATF was doing snooping around taking pictures of us with the OPP riding in the back with them. They changed the story saying that they had been invited in by the OPP. (Why? Was the OPP getting lonely looking at each other? Did they need more maniacs to make themselves feel more comfortable?) What were they doing here? What is their mandate? The OPP refused to tell us why these people have gotten high government official clearance to be so far out of their jurisdiction. An OPP officer was hospitalized as a result of this incident. A CHTV Newsperson/cameraman had to get stitches as a result of a previous run-in with our people. (CHTV 11 not only reports the news, they "create" the news.)

This situation is not good. (All reports from CHTV 11 are anti-Indigenous.)

The incidents of today are a direct result of the constant intimidation tactics of the OPP, the military and the continued racist acts instigated against us by the Caledonia people (with their professionally made "Bring in the Army" signs always in their car trunks, just in case the cameras are there). Other strategies are the recent blocking of our children from using the arena for lacrosse games and the back tracking by the Ontario government at the "talks." This is supposed to push everything up to the ultimate goal of Canada and Ontario. They want to justify stopping the talks about returning our lands to us.

At our fire tonight, we realized that Canada does not want to deal with the Onkwehonweh people because they know we are absolutely right in our position on the land, our sovereignty and upholding our Law.

This violence today occurred as a result of the underhanded and direct attempts at inciting an action from us to justify another attack against us. They want to make it look like we are uncontrollable. Why else have they been playing the "terrorists in Canada in court in Brampton" back to back with the "Six Nations land reclamation in Caledonia" on all the news stations? Canada, with the help of corporate media, is making sure the mental brainwashing of its citizens against the Onkwehonweh continues. (Across Canada people are not buying this corporate brainwashing.)

How convenient that CHTV 11 was there even before this all started! How coincidently that the couple who sparked the violence with their racial attacks and their attempt to run over our people, drove straight to the Canadian Tire parking lot! How convenient that a "by-stander" happened to have a video camera across the road at the Tim Horton's coffee shop video taping the whole scene (with a Boston Cream donut in the other hand). He directly reported to CHML radio which happens to be co-owned by CHTV 11. Was it a co-incidence! Or were they already on standby knowing that a story was about to break. (Another high-priced promotion failed!)

It is unfortunate that our people fell for it. (Our guys are the only ones legally here.) The reality is, we are dealing with the constant mental, emotional and physical intimidation of the corrupt bureaucrats. Also, we face racial violence constantly. Does anyone know for sure how they would react in the same situation?

The potential for violence against us here in the next while is tremendous. (Expect this to happen. This is their "bad act" and no one's buying any tickets for it!) The Caledonia people want to take us off our land. The OPP are maintaining a line between the Caledonia residents and the reclamation site. (Just like the people in Chateauguay in 1990. See "Act of Defiance" by the National Film Board.) We don't know how long this is going to last. Our people are on alert. We are on the site unarmed. We are trying to maintain the peace. We are keeping the people within the inner perimeter. We will continue to forward updates. Please forward to others. Stay Strong and keep the Peace.

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Colonial Provocation 101:
Two Troubling Incidents Today at Six Nations

It is now day 101 since the Six Nations reclaimed OUR stolen land. The peace that we have managed to maintain so far was marred by two serious incidents.

The first began when a small gray car with two passengers drove up to the front of the reclamation site. These two guys stayed in the car and started harassing the people by shouting racist threats at them. Finally, some of the Indigenous men got fed up, walked over and told them to leave. But they just would not stop. Then they tried to run over them with their car. This infuriated the men. They chased them into the nearby Canadian Tire parking lot and surrounded them. If you believe in coincidences, you will find it amazing that there just happened to be a cameraman from the anti-Indigenous Channel 11 standing there videotaping everything. Then the Ontario Provincial Police OPP quickly arrived and took the two harassers away. In the meantime, the men told the reporter to stop videotaping them. He would not. They grabbed his camera and then him and beat him up. They confiscated the gray car and drove it onto the site.

Not long after another vehicle drove up to the front of the reclamation site. There were two men in a Tahoe with all kinds if aerials, antennas and gizmos on their rooftop. As if this wasn't strange enough, it sported an American license plate and writing on the side that looked like they were part of the U.S. Border Patrol. Were they lost? Did they forget where their jurisdiction ended? Or they did they just not give a s**t? It is well known that American Officers sometimes forget they don't officially control Canada as far as we know. They are not supposed to conduct police activities north of their border. They had some high tech cameras and were clicking away taking pictures of everything and everyone. Our men went over and told them to "Get the hell out of here." When the men got close, the two guys drove screeched away so fast that they did a wheelie.

Not long after these same two guys were spotted lurking in the back of the subdivision at the site taking pictures again. The men went over and told them to stop. They refused. That's when the men got mad again. Next thing you know, there was a big fight and the two American operatives got the worst of it. One landed in the hospital badly hurt, so we are told.

According to the OPP the first two guys in the gray car incident are in hospital. Seems they both had heart attacks! Do you believe that? The OPP claim the guys in the American car were beat up by two of our men. Instead of consulting to see how incidents like these could be prevented in the future, the OPP have demanded that the two men who allegedly beat up the American spies be immediately turned over to them, even though they don't know who they are. In other words, everyone's becoming irrational. This just the excuse the OPP has been waiting for.

Now armed forces are coming out of hiding and building up again around Six Nations. Looks like nobody wants us to have a peaceful summer.

OPP should do something about the provocateurs who have broken the protocols that we established with them based on the Two Row Wampum. Instead of presenting us with ultimatums, the OPP should ask to meet us so we can all talk about this together.

One thing that is of mutual concern is the trespassing of the Americans who are functioning outside their jurisdiction, violating both our law and that of Canada. We trust the OPP will not blame us for the American invasion and will take their complaint to the appropriate authorities.

This is the time for mutual respect between our two nations, the Six Nations and Canada. If there is a problem, Canada should place a complaint with our Royaner so that we can find a route of peace, not of war. If the OPP want to play an aggressive role, this means they refuse to take responsibility for the wrongs that have been committed against us by their people. This makes us think they just want to shoot guns at us.

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What's "Windigo Psychosis"? Is ATF Mounting "Sitting Duck" Operation at Six Nations?

Is the ATF helping Canada with the "sitting duck" formation based on the "Mai Lai massacre" strategy of 1968? Are they going to surround us and do us in?

Rumor has it that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, "The protesters are either going to kill the Indigenous people, or the Indigenous people are going to kill the protesters." We don't know if the Canadian Prime Minister made this irresponsible statement or not. We will comment on it because a lot of people believe he did. This statement, if true, is a big problem for the people of Caledonia. It means their elected head of state has abdicated his responsibility to protect and represent them. Also, Canada has an historical alliance with the Six Nations people. If Harper said these words, it is tantamount to a declaration of war against a traditional ally. We are not going to respond to it as such.

We firmly believe that this does not represent the will of the Canadian people. A state is supposed to help people get along together and to help them get organized so that everyone benefits. Canada has 'officially' endorsed the principle of human equality. Mr. Harper was raised in Alberta on Blackfoot territory. He's come East to Rotino'shon:ni and Algonquin territory and he doesn't understand anything about us. This sets him up to be ill-advised by the RCMP, Indian Affairs and CSIS bureaucrats. These agents are struggling to maintain their illicit jobs. Harper seems to be using these people as his advisors. If they wanted to keep peace in the Six Nations-Caledonia region and understood how to do it, we wouldn't be having these potent problems today.

We repeat our invitation to Mr. Harper and the Governor General Michaelle Jean, if she can be found wherever she is in the world, to come and talk to us.

From our perspective equality is something that colonial society has trouble understanding. The principle was only formally recognized in the Canadian constitution only 24 years ago. Thinking equally does not come naturally to Canadians the way it does to us Rotino'shon:ni. Some people even think that the Caledonia situation will be resolved if the Six Nations people start "obeying their chiefs." It's obvious they don't understand that we don't have a word for "chief." Our Royaner who are often called chiefs are only voices for the people. They cannot make decisions or state their own opinions. Obviously Mr. Harper is not well advised because he does not seem to understand this.

We question why would Mr. Harper, as a member of a minority government, sell out his own voters? Why would he sell out Canada's allies?

Why are U.S. Border Patrol and ATF operatives being invited to invade Canada? What is happening here? We don't understand. Canadians don't either. The Americans suffer from what is called the "Windigo Psychosis." That's because they're cut off from their roots, and are like the Indigenous mythical "Windigo." They are the ghosts with a heart of ice who died of famine because they wanted to eat everything in sight. They have an insatiable hunger which knows no bounds. When they see something, they feel they have to own it. They do not let anyone else have anything. It's a serious illness that feeds on a spiritual void. Canada is presently in an incipient stage of the "Windigo Psychosis."

Americans had no business going into Vietnam without being invited. No part of the Vietnamese population wanted them there. The Americans continuously bombed and shelled the province. Most homes were damaged or destroyed of the people they were pretending to save. They wanted to eliminate their fighters (warriors). Success was not based on how much territory they acquired but by the body count, which was exaggerated. On March 16, 1968, in "May Lai," the U.S. soldiers surrounded the people, and started to kill everybody to totally exterminate them. Sixty-eight died, mostly women and children. When they did this, they were unchained from the morality of human feeling.

We at Six Nations are civilians. Even though we are surrounded by armed forces, we have never pointed guns at the Canadians. We are being constantly subjected to harassment and reprisals being instigated by a state that is twisting the facts to try to get its citizens to attack us. They are organizing the Ontario Provincial Police OPP, now with the help of the ATF, to make us fight back. The ultimate goal is to crush us.

Who invited the ATF into Canada anyway? When did Canadian policy change? Since the birth of Canada Canadians have been defending themselves from American invasions. Now all of a sudden state institutions are inviting the Americans to invade. If we had invited the Americans, we would have escorted them onto our territory as visitors from a foreign nation and had a chat with them. We would not be skulking around and hiding in the back seat of foreign cars.

So what is going on? Our security forces are conducting a proper investigation of this bizarre and disturbing incident. The ATF were driving a Tahoe with "U.S. Border Patrol" (or was it "Sshh! Don't tell") written on the side. The roof was loaded with high tech communications and every kind of surveillance gear.

Our national security was breached. We could have held them prisoner, but we did not. We questioned them. We found out they were not "tourists." They were here on official business. Not long after we let them go, the skies became inundated with choppers that flew close to us night and day. Some had their lights turned off and some had no mufflers. Some shone hot bright lights on us.

Was this a show of force to intimidate us because we had captured someone they thought was important? We did not beat them up. The OPP officer that was riding in the back of the U.S. vehicle got hurt because he was trying to jump off while the car was moving. He fell and hurt himself. Why was this guy panicking? Was he afraid of being caught red handed, violating our sovereignty and Canada's agreements with us? The OPP saw too many movies. It's obvious this guy wasn't a trained stunt man. In the movies he would have jumped out, rolled over and landed on his feet, with his gun in his hand and a steely gaze, like Clint Eastwood. Instead he ended up in a crazy 'Cheech and Chong' botch-up.

The Caledonians shut down Argyle Street because they're mad at the OPP, and they certainly don't want to get blamed for the foolishness of cops and government officials, no matter what Harper says. There's no doubt about it, this is an international incident. Canada and the U.S. are invading our territory.

ATF was brought up here by Canada or sent up here by U.S. President George Bush. What was the mission? Why all the photos of the territory, the people and the lay of the land? It's just not U.S. business! Are they helping Canada to design a Waco Texas style attack? Are they gathering intelligence and giving the Canadians pointers, "This is how it's done, boys!" They know how many people, men, women and children, are here, how big the encampment is and that we are unarmed.

In the incident last Friday, the men at the site remained in control. They told the intruders in the gray car to move. When they asked the occupants who were shouting racist slurs to leave, the hooligans tried to run over our men. If anyone is attacked with rocks, we have a right to defend ourselves with rocks. If we are attacked with sticks, we may defend ourselves with sticks. If we are attacked with guns, then Canada is the criminal and we have a right to defend ourselves. The law of self-defense is straight forward. We are allowed to use equal force. If we are attacked with a gun or knife, we are supposed to be able to meet force with force. Every person and every community has the power to defend our home, our person and our family. If a woman is assaulted she can rip the assailant's eyes out, if that's what it takes. This principle is universally recognized.

As for the photos being taken by the ATF, is this to superimpose us on some made up photos to incriminate us? These guys are so off-the-wall, who knows what they're doing? Or are they going to superimpose us in one of those balloon baskets like they used in "Around the World in 80 days" or in "Monte Python's Flying Circus"? Are they trying to single out certain people? If they find a Johnny Depp look alike at Six Nations, are they going to Hollywood to arrest the 'Pirate of the Caribbean'? Are the OPP working with the "Secret Ops" from Washington DC to design an international invasion onto our Kaianereh'ho:wa territory? Isn't Canada being suckered here?

In 1812, the Mohawks worked with British forces to keep the Americans out. The Americans have found a sneakier way to invade Canada this time. They're pretending to help Canadians fight us! When the dust settles, Canadians will find they've lost not only their shirts, but also whatever tattered remnants of their so-called sovereignty they've managed to cling to.

Faced with the Six Nations legitimate claim, Canada has dashed into a corner. Instead of facing up to the problems from the past they've inherited, they've gone and barricaded themselves in a psychological corner. We've always been out front. We've always been ready to meet people face to face as equals. We've always been able to sit down with clear eyes, ears and to speak clear words so we can reach an intelligent understanding. We've never really understood this hysterical response of colonial society. They seem to be scared by their own reflection in the mirror.

They have no choice legally but to make amends about the theft of our lands. They don't seem to be able to face up to it. Like an overtired 2-year old having a temper tantrum because they don't want to go to bed, they are striking at us in an irrational way. With everyone watching, they are creating havoc. Instead of grabbing this opportunity to make things right, so there can be a strong future, they're creating disruptions. At this rate it could take several generations more to solve the problem that should be relatively straight forward -- just obey the laws and give us back our lands, Canada! They are making it look to the world as if they want to defend their genocidal practices of past colonial governments. Why are they defending these raving madmen, some of whom have been dead for half a century or more?

They seem to be under a trance. Many of their ancestors immigrated to our land under a "big lie." They were told that this was an "empty land," even though they saw us. They just somehow couldn't put two and two together. Now it's obvious to everyone that their math and their vision were bad. They want to continue with their policy, which is still genocide of the past, present and future. According to their plan, we should not be here today, at least not according to Canada and the United States. The order was given to exterminate all Indigenous people off Turtle Island and beyond. The colonists called it "the land of the free" because they never paid. They couldn't because it was never for sale. They don't mean the people are free. They're referring to the theft of our land. Us resisting and standing firm reminds them of this. So they're going nuts! There's got to be a way to stop their genocide policy. Who likes this? Who wants to continue to live with this? If you want Canada and the United States to start treating Indigenous people decently as human equals, let's hear from you. We need some action to stop these attacks on us.

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OPP Caught "Spinning Wheels" in Six Nations Community

More institutionally generated hysteria! On Sunday night an Ontario Provincial Police was caught cruising right in the middle of the Six Nations community. Nearby someone set fires. Sound familiar? Let's see what they do next. Caledonians ran to the reclamation site with their "Bring in the army" signs and our men temporarily blocked Argyle Street in front of the site. The "secret ops" showed up in their black vans and stood between them. By 11:00 pm everything was back to the status quo.

Here are some details. Last night around 8:00 PM the 'Rotiskenekete' chased an OPP cruiser "spinning its wheels" within the Six Nations community. They had maps in their hands. They said, "We got lost, that's all!" Yeah! Sure! We're supposed to believe that? For all we know they could've been there setting up sensors and remote controlled land mines as was done by RCMP and JTF2 at the Gustafsen Lake siege in 1995. These guys have all the latest high tech surveillance equipment at their disposal, like satellites, jamming equipment, sensors, night vision stuff and so on. They should be fired for incompetence. How could they get lost? The area was one of the first places to be mapped by Canada.

About twenty cars surrounded them and the rez cops were called in. The crowd ordered the rez cops to give them tickets for "trespassing," which they did. The OPP higher ups were called and then the cops were escorted off the territory. They had violated the truce between the OPP and Six Nations. They should be reminded of Rex Allen's old song, "Don't go near the Indians. Please stay away." One thing about the Six Nations community, we know who belongs and we know who shouldn't be here!

This incursion reminds us of the time that the Canadian Army landed on Tekakwitha Island just off the Kahnawake waterfront on the St. Lawrence River, across from Montreal during the Oka Crisis in 1990. Heavily armed soldiers were dropped off from huge military troop carriers, flexing their so-called might to intimidate us. They too said they were lost. They've been lost for a long time, lost for culture, lost for words, lost for integrity. Lost because they're trying to find a meaning for their existence thousands of miles from the homes of their ancestors! The unarmed people of Kahnawake of all ages ran there and had one heck a fist fight with them. Our people disarmed them and the Army had to send more military troops in to rescue their own. Let us remind everyone that the land will not go anywhere. We're attached to it and we're both here to say.

Last night, the Special Ops, or whatever this new government funded terrorist cell is called, closed down Argyle Street. They arrived in black vans? They probably finally had to buy their own vans rather than rent them. The car rental companies got tired of seeing their vans on television being used to attack innocent people and getting smashed by protesters.

Then somebody called in to inform us that the "Kanenhstaton Benefit Concert" on Friday, June 16th, is going to be interrupted. Geez! Wonder who in the world would want to stage protests and roadblocks? Who doesn't want us to have a day of peace, love and friendship? Lighten up! Don't stop good things from happening! There will not be a roadblock big enough to derail "Redstock."

Then there was a barn fire and a car fire somewhere near Six Nations. This reminds us of the techniques used in Los Angeles in 1992 to make it look like the Black people were doing it. Businesses were smashed. Buildings and cars were set on fire. Riots were started so the 'officials' could bring the heavy duty National Guard into the city to set up controls over the Black people. Let's hope the Special Ops, or whatever they're called here, get reigned in before they commit any more vandalism. Governments should not be encouraging lawlessness in any way, shape or form. Canada is a nice quiet country and the People of Six Nations have always gotten along with our neighbors. Let's keep it that way.

Has anyone noticed how the corporate media keeps trying to put us together with the Muslims and the terrorists? Last Friday the National Post covered the outrageous remarks made by the lawyer for Henco Industries at Judge David Marshall's hearing in Cayuga Court on his unserved injunctions against the Six Nations. This guy said in court that we were violating the law and practically called us terrorists. After shouting it a few times, to make it on the news, Judge Marshall told him to "Shut up and sit down!" The National Post tried to make this connection between us and the "terrorists" in their story.

The Muslims are not terrorists. They do support our struggle for recognition of our basic internationally recognized human rights. They understand what is happening to us.

The Saturday National Post covered the big 'sting' in Toronto of very young Muslim people who purportedly had two tons of fertilizer to blow up the CN Tower and some government buildings. Our question is how did Ontario city kids get this kind of fertilizer when they have no connection to farming? The story goes on to say that the police substituted something else before they gave it to them! How could they do this? Were they the suppliers? Apparently these kids were thinking of doing another 'Oklahoma City' bombing which happened before they were born or when they were still babies. How did they get this idea? Could they have been lead by tax funded government operatives? Institutional provocateurs have been known to infiltrate vulnerable kids. The situation is certainly disturbing. Especially when it is put together with what we know about some government funded misadventures in the past. If the barn near Caledonia is burnt by someone paid or encouraged to do so by a government agency, this won't be the first time something like this has happened.

We know the extent the cops will go to make up stories to entrap us. Are the cops trying to justify their existence? There seem to be a lot of unknowns. The corporate media was careful to put out a not too concrete report. The cops are saying that "everybody is at risk" and politicians have been saying that society has been "too lenient." At the same time U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is echoing that there needs to be more control of the people and that things need to be tightened up to stop all these protests. Is she really referring to 'free speech'?

The problem with their line is that so far there hasn't been much evidence of violence conducted on the part of the Canadian people. These operatives need some evidence that will strike fear in the hearts of everyone. The Canadian government needs their "New Pearl Harbor" as the Americans got theirs on "September 11th 2001." It appears both countries are heading towards totalitarianism.

It all looks orchestrated. It sounds like state activity from top to bottom. The agenda in Canada is to terrify the populations from supporting our struggle. They create fear and hysteria to shut us up so we will give the corporations and their government minions the power they want to ratchet up their controls over everyone. We all need to be vigilant. As the old saying goes -- power corrupts.

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The Indian Act's Corrupt

Settler culture changed the traditional Maliseet way of life. "All the money is gone here," says Allen Squalis. "We are, at a very conservative estimate, $10 million in the hole."

Squalis is part of the Tobique First Nation, a Maliseet community, in Western New Brunswick. According to Squalis, there's no good reason for the Tobique First Nation to be in debt: the Tobique High Stakes Casino -- a community-owned operation -- has grossed over $15 million over the past 3 years.

The casino was built to generate funds which would alleviate poverty thus improving social conditions in the community. Instead, Squalis and his supporters say, casino revenues are being squandered on a select few.

In 1999, then Auditor General Denis Desautels warned that the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs risked compounding existing poverty and despair on Native reserves by failing to account for how money is being spent.

According to Squalis, for 13 years casino revenues have been unaccounted for, and calling for accountability leads nowhere.

In desperation, Squalis and 10 other Maliseet community members took over the Tobique casino on June 7, 2005. The group occupied the casino for almost two weeks to bring attention to the rampant corruption they said was squandering the community's resources.

Chief Paul, Councilor Gerald Bear, and Councilor Stone Bear filed a statement of claim with the Court of Queen's Bench alleging that the 11 individuals involved in the casino takeover had taken funds from the casino and damaged the casino's video lottery terminals.

The 11 community members defend their actions as protecting the casino revenues, which belong to the community. They are concerned that managers have failed to distribute net profits among community members.

"I also have dedicated a year and a half of my life to get accountability in our community so my son will not have to go through what we did," says Squalis. He is concerned by the poverty and desperation that afflicts the Tobique First Nation. In the last year, there have been three suicides and at least five suicide attempts in the Maliseet community which consists of an on-reserve population of about 1,300 members.

The 2005 "occupation" of the casino is not the first. Just before Easter in 2004, a group of single mothers took action in a similar fashion to get a share of casino revenues. In November 2000, outraged elders shut down the casino. The outrage was triggered when the chief and councilors made a decision to award themselves salaries of $1,000 a week, after informing elders on the reserve that their monthly support cheques would cease.

Much of the responsibility for the community's finances -- and its corruption -- lies with Chief Paul, says Squalis. Cited as part of the evidence are two cheques totaling $2200 from the casino coffers, payable to the Chief's niece, Gillian Paul.

Chief Paul is the elected chief of Tobique First Nation, as recognized under the Indian Act. According to Squalis, however, the Indian Act deprives First Nations of their traditional ways of selecting representatives. "I do believe [that] if we selected a Chief in a traditional way that things most likely would be different. ... These non-aboriginal elections and officials are just an arm of the government and the chief and council are the puppets. Favoritism, nepotism and jealousy to name a few fun things is what it brings to our communities," observes Squalis.

"It only divides us -- which is the main purpose isn't it?"

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