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41st Anniversary of the Founding of The Internationalists
University of British Columbia, March 13, 1963

Comrade Hardial Bains, the founder and leader of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) until his untimely death in 1997, was the founder of The Internationalists at the University of British Columbia on March 13, 1963. The activity of The Internationalists during the period 1963 to 1969 set the thinking, political line, organizational principles and methods of work of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), which was founded on March 31, 1970.

A lot of people were involved in the work of The Internationalists in the early sixties. Even though the theoretical thinking of Hardial Bains was Marxist, The Internationalists was not an organization known to be Marxist in the formal sense until 1968. At that time it was re-organized as a Marxist-Leninist organization with the main task to create the conditions for the founding of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist).

This work is identified with the work of Comrade Hardial Bains. This is why, for the strengthening of the leadership of the Party, it is essential to precisely grasp the theory and practice advocated by Hardial Bains in the 1960s. In this regard, when asked the question in 1995, why it is important to discuss the work of The Internationalists, Comrade Bains remarked that it is not possible to consolidate the work of CPC(M-L) and turn the success of the work of CPC(M-L) into victory without bringing forth and grasping the essence of the work of The Internationalists and using it as a guide.

This is the spirit which imbues the Party youth who are, today, celebrating the 41st anniversary of the founding of the Internationalists in Windsor, Ontario with an anniversary dinner and social function and by holding a youth and students conference on the theme "Youth, Politics and Elections."

In 1996, speaking to the youth to set their work for this period, Comrade Bains pointed out, "The past only has beauty if it exists in the form of the present and the revolution only has relevance if it finds its adherents from one generation to the next." He advised the Party youth to acquire their world outlook on the basis of carrying out their work to change the world by doing those things which involve the youth in solving the problems facing them and society. Following this advice, the youth are establishing their Marxist-Leninist Party Clubs and Marxist-Leninist Study Groups in the universities, consolidating their radio programs and bulletins, creating a nationwide Youth Organizing Project and participating in the ongoing struggles taking place as the condition to involve the youth in deliberating on the problems facing the people and deciding what to do about them.

The program which the youth are taking up is action-oriented but does not chase events. Like the Internationalists whose footsteps they are following, their ideology is formed in the heat of revolutionary class struggle. How their ideas are formed is in essence a question of motivation, aim and objective. Their struggle has the aim of laying the foundations for a mass communist party as the indispensable task for the advance of the revolutionary class struggle. Just as for the Internationalists this aim was not a matter of choice, so too for the Party youth it is a necessity dictated by the needs of the proletarian movement for emancipation. In other words, they are clear that without paying first rate attention to organization it is not possible to have the kind of consciousness they need to open society's path to progress. To be an organized force, you have to have its organized expression in the form of a technical base, instruments of propaganda, agitation and mobilization and initiatives which further serve that work. Any other consciousness will merely play a disorganizing role at a time the crucial need is to provide the struggle of the workers and all collectives of the people with the coherence they require to be effective. The consistent anti-imperialist struggle they wage is likewise a matter of necessity, a matter fundamental to the defense of the interests of the working class and peoples of the world.

It is not the Marxist-Leninist ideology and the line and program of the Party which tell the youth to take up the cause of revolution, but the needs of the revolutionary movement which tell them to be guided by Marxism-Leninism and implement the Party's program.

On this occasion, the National Office of CPC(M-L) congratulates the communist youth on the initiatives they are taking to involve the broad sections of the youth in politics and prepare them for the upcoming federal election. We are certain that based on the recognition of the necessities posed by the very serious problems of life today, they will continue to make headway in laying the foundations for a mass communist party and base the party and their work on sound ideological premises.

Photo: Memorial Bench at the University of British Columbia.

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