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March 28, 2015 - No. 13

144th Anniversary of the Paris Commune

Glorious Harbinger of the New Society

Revolutionary French workers on the barricades to defend the Paris Commune, March 18, 1871.

A New Direction for the Economy
Canada's Economic Existential Crisis
- K.C. Adams -
NAFTA Again Enforces Monopoly Right Over Public Right
Vancouver Sales Tax Plebescite Fraud
- Workers' Centre, CPC(M-L) -

Opposition to New Anti-Terror Legislation Continues to Grow
Amendment Fraud Reveals Clash Between
Authority and Conditions

- Sam Heaton -

Testimony of Mik'maq Activist Pam Palmater at
House Committee Studying Bill C-51

Parliament Resumes Debate on Anti-Communist Bill S-219
Harper's Extremist Views in Contempt of the
Vietnamese People!

- Louis Lang -

Temporary Foreign Workers Face April 1 Deportation
Immigration Yes! Deportation No!
- Peggy Morton -
How Private Interests Use Express Entry
Immigration System to Control Immigration

Important Anniversaries
70th Anniversary of Liberation of Poland

What People Without Shame Would Like to Forget
- Nikolai Malishevski -

16th Anniversary of NATO War on Yugoslavia
The War on Yugoslavia: The Real Face of American 'Diplomacy'
- Andrew Korybko -

In the News
U.S. Authorizes Saudi Arabian Military Aggression

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
U.S. Pressure Fails to Stop New Development Bank

Supplement on Syria
Western Policy of Intervention in Terrorists' Favour
Must Stop for Diplomatic Solution to Succeed

- Interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad -


March 26, 2015 - Vol. 4 No. 9

Education Is a Right --
Strikes at York University and University of Toronto

York and U of T Education Workers
Stand Firm in the Fight for their Rights

Note to Readers: On the evening of March 26 it was announced that CUPE Local 3902 Unit 1, teaching assistants at the University of Toronto, voted to agree to binding arbitration thereby ending their strike. Members voted 942 to 318 in favour of arbitration at a Thursday evening meeting and will return to work March 27.

Education Is a Right --
Strikes at York University and University of Toronto Continue

York and U of T Education Workers Stand Firm in the Fight for their Rights
Join the March from Glendon College to U of T -- Defend Education Workers' Rights and the Rights of All!
CUPE Local 3902 at U of T Rejects Latest Offer
U of T Faculty and Undergrads Join Striking Workers to Call for a Just Negotiated Settlement
Latest Bargaining Bulletin from CUPE Local 3903 at York
March 21 Rally Wins Broad Support 

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